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The “I Want My Damn Life Back” Index

Exhausted Business Woman | I want my life back Find how likely you are to get back the things you value most:  Time, Money, and Freedom.  During this “down and dirty” session you will learn how to get what you want without having to work so hard.

Have you wondered why one year after another looks the same in your business? Sure, there might be different people coming in and out; but you’re faced with the same challenges over and over again: your team isn’t doing all they can to achieve the goals set out for them; you have to have the same conversations over and over again.  Frankly, you’re getting so worn out from having to do so much just to keep the level of success you already have, you can’t imagine having to work even harder to get the extra money to pay off debt, take those luxury vacations, or have the lifestyle you desire now and when you retire.

At the end of this process you will know EXACTLY —

  • what is stealing your energy and enthusiasm (and it’s not because you don’t get enough rest)
  • what is causing you to snap, get snarky or avoid conversations altogether
  • what is causing you to think the worst and panic when things aren’t going your way
  • why you can’t seem to focus on the task at hand, causing your to do list to keep getting longer
  • why your people don’t do what’s expected of them – even though you were perfectly clear!
  • what you can start doing right now, so that you can start getting more of what you want: time, money and freedom

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Help! I’m Buried!

Overworked Business Woman | Help I'm buriedThis package will get you un-buried and taking giant leaps forward, once and for all.  After working with me you will:

  • get control of your schedule and stop the overwhelm! You weren’t meant to live like this
  • give a guilt-free “no” to activities and obligations that do not move your business forward
  • understand where money is leaking out, how to STOP the madness, and keep your hard-earned dollars
  • identify tasks that can be delegated or contracted out, freeing yourself to FOCUS on making money
  • be more productive so you are completing all those to do’s without working more hours
  • stop putting off those “hard conversations” for fear they might not go well, so that you can get what you want, when you want it, and stop feeling like it’s “all on me!”
  • make timely decisions confidently without all the angst: make it and move on!

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Taste the Good Life

Business Woman Celebrating | Taste the good lifeLeave behind the self-doubt, guilt, or worry that keeps you from being completely joyful and productive in your business and step into the powerful feminine leader you know you can be. You know her; she’s the one that gets results while maintaining everyone’s respect and loyalty, she has fruitful relationships, time to explore her passions and hobbies, and she is HAPPY!

By the end of this 15-Session journey your life starts to feel like it’s yours again and you will:

  • identify what’s not working more quickly, so you’re not wasting time and money
  • cut out the tasks that steal your time, clog up your calendar, and make no money
  • have a clearer understanding of exactly which activities drives higher revenues, so you can dedicate your time and energy there
  • be having the easy conversations that will inspire your team to follow your lead and do their best consistently – halleluiah!
  • enjoy going to work each day knowing you’re making a difference, being a part of a strong team, AND growing your bank account
  • delegate without guilt or anxiety, freeing you to plan the expansion of your business
  • feel like you can take time off without needing to check your email every hour!!


This package also includes intermittent (in-between session) calls as needed.

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I’ve Got My Damn Life Back!

A Year of Business Partnership

Woman Sailing Boat | I've got my life back | Taking charge | FreedomThis VIP package is the whole “kit and caboodle!” Designed to help you walk down the right path, taking charge of your business and your life; this program is designed for the business owner who knows that having a coach in their business is the difference between almost hitting the goal and completely crushing it.  In this partnership I care about your business as much as you do.  I’m the person you bounce ideas off, who you come to when you’re doubtful, and who believes in you and the vision of what your company can be.  After one year of partnership with me you will:

  • stay connected to that “CEO mentality” that gives you the confidence to take decisive actions you feel good about time and again
  • set and hit revenue goals that support the lifestyle you want now and when you retire – no more nightmares around living in poverty, not paying your bills, or being dependent on loved ones
  • no longer feel like you are pulling the team.  You’ll have a team that is taking initiative, and coming up with innovative ideas to grow the business…even when you are not around
  • have plenty of energy at the end of the day and on the weekend so you can enjoy your personal pursuits – you know, the stuff you want to do when you’re not bogged down at work or too tired; because work is sucking the life out of you
  • set and hold to boundaries around your personal time knowing your team has got you covered. Say goodbye to those catch-up weekends.
  • actually be living the lifestyle you imagined you would have “someday” as a result of running your own highly-successful business
  • have a thriving business that will continue to grow, without you having to make sacrifices in the areas of time, freedom and money.

Monthly Action Plan

Pre-work:  We’ll begin with the “I Want My Damn Life Back” Index to gauge exactly what is going on in your business.  This process will bring into view everything you are aware of and the blind spots as well, so you are clear on what you need to change to create the life you want on your terms.

Month 1:  To prepare for your strategy session we’re going to start creating the vision of what you want your business to look like. I mean what YOU, in your heart of hearts, want your business to look like and not some version of what someone else thinks it should be. We are also going to delve into what, up until now, has been holding you back from being able to give your all to your business.  I’m going to give you tools and action guides that will begin to release some of the burden you are feeling and will give you more energy and a more optimistic outlook on your business.

Month 2:  During our 2-hour goal setting session, we will kick off our work together.  In this intensive session we will identify your strengths and your values that will guide you in your decision making.  We will also identify 6-month and 1-year goals, lay out the action plan for the next six months, and chart an action plan to tackle the activities you need to ramp up, introduce or leave behind.

Month 3: Weekly calls and email check-ins will become the norm. Never again will you feel alone in your decision making.  Never again will you waste time wondering what to do, how to have a difficult conversation, who to hire, who to fire, or what step to take next!  This is a high energy stage; because you are infused with knowledge of what is and what is not working, and you have your goals and a plan of action. Changes are happening and you are feeling the benefits.

Month 4:  This is our quarterly 2-hour checkpoint. We’ll get into the nitty-gritty of what has worked and what hasn’t worked, and what’s needed to hit the 6-month goal. Team contribution, if applicable, will be reviewed, and training and guidance will be given around inspiring higher performance. This is an opportunity to celebrate what’s been accomplished and renew the commitment to hit those big goals.

Month 5: Here’s where we get at the heart of what holds you back: life gets in the way; problems you thought were solved appear to be creeping back up; people are flaking out on you and you, once again, don’t feel supported, you feel like you are doing all the work. You’ll feel pulled to respond in the ways you did in the past. This is normal! However, you’ve got more awareness this time and we will focus on choosing how to respond to these challenges in a way you never did in the past; so that this time, you will get a different result. This is the opportunity to show yourself and your team that you are serious and committed to doing business in a whole new way.

Month 6: You are in a rhythm, having ongoing, direct, and motivational conversations with your team; dealing with challenges immediately as they arise and always looking for the opportunity to make improvements.  You are gaining new strategies for how to be more relaxed, focused, and powerful as a leader in your business and in your life. In preparation for your next strategy session you will retake the “I Want My Damn Life Back” Index to identify how much progress we have made and where to continue to put our focus so you are getting your damn life back as quickly as possible.

Month 7: Midway Point. You are seeing yourself, your team, and your business in a whole new light now that you’re hitting new goals. You will retake the “I Want My Damn Life Back” Index and we will review the 6-month and 1-year goals to see what progress we have made. In this 2-hour session we will get to the heart of anything that is still bogging you down and holding you back from confidently expressing yourself as a woman and a leader. Starting from this point, we will map out the action plan to take you to your 1-year goals and beyond.

Month 8:  Here’s where you master being great with people and where your team can really take off. You’ve been walking your talk for months now and your team is getting inspired. You’ve been having the direct conversations, they know what you expect from them and they know you’re behind them 100%. They want you to win as much as you do and they want to be a part of a winning team. Like we did with you, we’ll be able to identify what is holding them back and bogging them down from being the best that they can be, and how to help them get past it.

Month 9: Now you’re feeling a ripple effect. Your customers are impressed with the efficiency and caring you and your team brings to the table.  They are raving about you, and referring business to you. Your family has been witnessing the changes and they are loving the new you: relaxed, confident and, oh, by-the-way, they’re not going to say, “No,” to the sweet vacation you’re planning with the extra money you’re bringing in.  Everything is starting to gel and you can take more time off and enjoy your hobbies – or start a new one. Don’t be fooled, this is where it gets difficult for women; our thoughts, “Take time off from the office – on a Wednesday afternoon?!  What will my team think? What will my customers say?  I lead by example.  If I don’t work they won’t work.”  Hogwash! I’m going show you why this line of thinking is off the mark and how it holds you back from playing big and getting the big payoff.

Month 10: This is not the time to get too comfortable!  Our last 2-hour quarterly session will focus on where in your business you have not completely taken on the role of CEO.   Where is it not coming naturally? We will get at anything that still plagues you once and for all!  We’ll also map out how to leverage the growth your business has been experiencing and the new skills your team has been developing.  Oh, and let’s start planning that victory party as well.

Month 11: This is all about keeping the momentum high while maintaining the boundaries around your personal time. No backsliding! This process works when you work the process. You are an example of a CEO: delegating, leading from the vision of where you are going, having authentic conversations, setting high expectations and motivating your people to meet them. You are naturally saying “no” to what does not serve you and your business. You say “yes” to new opportunities that are in line with where you want to take your business. You focus on revenue earning activities and are constantly thinking of new ways to increase the earning potential of your business. You have a team of strong individuals who are happy to give you their best. Your customers are confident they are doing business with the best and send you new business regularly. Your friends and family enjoy quality time with you and are proud of all you’ve accomplished in the last year. You are an inspiration.

Month 12:  Celebrate!  You’ve earned it. You’ll take the time to reflect on all you’ve done in the last year. We’ll take the time to cheer what you’ve accomplished, how you’ve grown as a woman and a leader; and what unexpected benefits you gained through the work you’ve accomplished.  We’ll shed anything that is not working and prepare you up to plan out the next five years of your business. Knowing there is nothing you can’t accomplish; we will focus on what you WANT to accomplish.

This package includes (2) Assessments, a kick-off 2-hour goal setting session, 3 quarterly 2-hour sessions, and 3 half-hour coaching sessions per month, along with  “911” phone calls and email messages.

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